Smart strategies for building ventilation control

Our Control systems include the iNVent series, Windcatcher controls, temperature, rain and CO2 sensors. The InVent2 system is a natural ventilation management system for up to 4 zones, each consisting of up to 3 Monodraught natural ventilation products.


iNVent2 utilises seasonally adjusted proportional control based on internal temperature and CO2.With configurable sensor, strategy and actuator mapping via USB as well as built in data logging, the system can control natural ventilation systems to suit any building application.

More recently we launched the Smart-Screen controller which has a capacitive touch-screen interface and provides the end-user with guidance on CO2 and temperature levels and appropriate action which may need to be taken. Our data-logging facility is a key feature of our product set, allowing facility managers the opportunity to manage their natural ventilation and cooling strategy.It includes a self-test function to reduce expensive site maintenance visits and data output for Monodraught to enable us to continue to develop our product set.

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We provide you a with variety of resources to find out more about our Controls offering. You can download all our controls literature including brochure and product cards. Controls images and videos are also available from our gallery. Please choose the resource that most suits your needs from the following dropdown menu:

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