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Healthy ventilation system performing in outstanding school

Healthy ventilation system performing in outstanding school

In November 2016, 14 Monodraught MVHR-100 systems were installed to the new build classrooms of Our Lady of Grace School in Charlton, London.  The school was recently awarded an Ofsted “outstanding” rating.

The MVHR units provide trickle ventilation, heat recovery ventilation and secure night time cooling. They also boost levels of ventilation during summer or during periods of high CO2.  The system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system which switches between operational modes dependant on external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ).

These systems were installed by Monodraught on behalf of Galliford Try and were Monodraught’s first MVHR project. Initial feedback has been positive.  The systems were supplied to simultaneously supply tempered fresh air to each classroom ensuring the correct oxygen levels were maintained whilst stale air is expelled. Air quality is maintained using Monodraught’s bespoke integrated CO2 sensor.  Additional summer time ventilation is provided via the manual windows within each classroom.  One way to counteract outdoor air-pollution in schools near busy roads is to use a fully ducted ventilation system such as MVHR.

Monodraught natural ventilation systems were also installed in the main hall and dining room. These Windcatcher X-Air systems all include axial mixing fans and are installed with a solar-powered LED architectural lighting system.  The system consists of an external static louvre and internal active louvre arrangement, which varies the opening and free area through the louvre face. The variable louvres can provide maximum ventilation rates when fully open or modulated to vary weather resistance or closed to prevent the ingress of precipitation allowing Monodraught to have our unique no leak guarantee.

To see if our MVHR solutions may be the right solution for your project, please visit our product pages or feel free to contact us to book an appointment with your local technical consultant.

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