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Sunpipes Czech Republic: ZF Electronics Kajima

Sunpipes Czech Republic: ZF Electronics Kajima

Over 100 Sunpipe systems deliver healthy natural light at Czech firm

  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Contacts:
  • Location: Klasterec Nad Ohri, Czech Republic
  • Products installed: 112 N° 1000mm diameter SUNPIPE systems

Using natural daylight in sustainable buildings has been proven to create healthier indoor environments.  It leads to more productive and happier occupants and reduces carbon emissions.  Sunpipe® is a natural lighting system that channels natural daylight from outdoors to indoor environments.

We design and manufacture our Sunpipe systems in the UK and have been doing so since 1974.  Independent tests demonstrate the highest sustained reflectance and transmittance compared to competitor solutions.  Sunpipe tubes are manufactured from PVD coated aluminium meaning they won't deteriorate over time.

Monodraught work with a selection of export partners across the globe to deliver our zero carbon natural lighting solutions.  Monodraught recently supplied over 100 Sunpipe systems to Kajima in the Czech Republic.  The systems have been installed on a customer site of theirs, a manufacturing plant.  The Sunpipes were installed above the production area for sensors and switches. 

Initial anecdotal feedback from Kajima is positive, commenting on the simplicity of installation.  We have been told that there is lots of light in the hall during sunny days.  As a result of the Sunpipe installations, it is not necessary to use artificial lighting throughout the day.  This brings benefits to employees in terms of natural light being brought indoors.  Using natural lighting systems reduces a building’s impact on the environment by cutting down on energy use and carbon foot print.

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